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If you’re interested in scheduling an initial consultation session for psychotherapy, visit my private practice website,, for more information and to schedule.



I've been invited to present on a variety of topics for leadership conferences, community groups, and other organizations including The University of Notre Dame's Gender Relations Center, Deloitte WIN (Women's Initiative), and Metro Education Foundation.

Topics include:

  • Small Group Workshops on Managing Stress, Healthy Relationships, and/or Self-Care

  • How to Stay Grounded in a Busy World: Managing Stress at Work and at Home

  • The Life-Changing Power of Setting Boundaries: Healthy Relationships

  • Why Self-Care Matters and How You Can Benefit from It

  • Reclaiming Your Self Worth in a World of Self Doubt

Interested in having me present to your group? Is the topic you're interested in not listed above? Please fill out the contact form and I'll get back to you shortly.



Your workplace or community can benefit from wellness initiatives and stress management workshops. I can help you develop and implement a wellness plan tailored to the needs of your organization. From single presentations to workshops series to wellness goal setting, I have a variety of options to help you and your community reach your goals.

Contact me for more information about our consulting services and pricing.

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